Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

Maritime Knit Top, Liesl and Co.

Dear sewists,

Today a lot of German sewing fellows are meeting at MeMadeMittwoch.

This wonderful knit fabric waited to be sewn since I bought it at a fabric outlet one month ago. I think it has got quite an amount of linnen.
maritime knit top sewing pattern

At first, I was not sure about the pattern. Because of the hymns other sewists are singing about Liesls patterns, I decided to treat me with this pattern which includes short seeves or 3/4 sleeves

I do not like to cut, assemble and tape PDF patterns, but this pattern is made so beautifully. There is a grid of 1'' all over the sheets. All the necessary cutting lines are indicated so you don't have to think where to cut best. Some sheets are cut twice, so you can assemble the pieces to different other sheets. The indication lets you tape together intuitively. This is the best PDF pattern I have ever seen!

Obviously, I made the 3/4 sleeves. At the size chart I realized that the measurements are not corresponding with that of a pear shaped woman like me. I decided to grade my bust size 4 to a 10 at the hips.

The instructions given are rather for sewing by machine than by serger. Mainly, I followed the instructions. Only at the little side vents at the bottom I changed the approach a little bit:

I sewed like indicated until several cm above the slit, clipped the SA at the corner horizontally until the seam and proceeded like indicated. Then I sew the side seams and arm seams by serger. I then pressed the SA backwards and with the sergerthreads finished the upper edges of the vent SA by hand.

The sleeves I had upgraded, too, but after fitting, I recut them at the original seamline of size 4.

The top is nicely loose like I had wanted it. BUT now, collecting the facts, I see that I have made a big mistake. I had read the general instructions of the pattern which indicate a seam allowance of 1/4''. I followed this instruction and marvelled why Liesl would have chosen such a little seam allowance which is not easy to handle at the sewing machine neither at the serger (cannot cut fabric while sewing). BUT at the pattern size key is written: all SA are 1/2'' and I think this is right. 
I like this neat shirt a lot. Maybe I will shorten it later on, because it ends at my wide hips. Maybe it will ride a little up when wearing it. I will see.

Pattern/Schnitt: Maritime Knit Top, Liesl+Co.
Fabric/Stoff: knit with linnen
Size/Größe: 4 to 10 at hips

Probably sewn with wrong SA (1/4''), properly would be 1/2''

Go, have a look at the other sewists at MeMadeMittwoch!



  1. I love your new top! What a pretty loose-fitting 3/4 sleeve top. You matched the stripes perfectly with the sleeve stripes coordinating well with the bodice stripes. It looks like a comfortable top and perfect with your jeans. :)

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Yes, it is a perfect top! I love the fabric very much. Its quality is excellent and it has a beautiful drape. :)

  2. Sehrsehr hübsches Shirt; der lockere Schnitt ist ja gerade sehr modern und ich mag diese Form mittlerweile auch sehr. 3/4 Ärmel sind ja auch meine bevorzugte Ärmellänge und der Streifenstrickstoff ist superschön.
    Bei genauer Betrachtung stimme ich dir zu und würde das Shirt auch noch etwas kürzen; ich glaube, das sähe noch stimmiger aus.
    LG von Susanne

    1. Danke, Susanne! Ich habe das Shirt inzwischen schon mehrmals gerne getragen. Ich lasse es erstmal so, obwohl es nicht einzugehen scheint. Ich habe Shirts schon zu viel gekürzt. Dieses hier kann man gut schoppen, weil der Tricot so schön fällt. Wahrscheinlich kürze ich es dann im Frühjahr. :)
      Liebe Grüße, SaSa

  3. Sehr schönes Basic!
    Die Schnitte kannte ich noch gar nicht - da schau ich gern.
    Bei meinem Archer war ich bei der Nahtzugabe auch immer unsicher - es stand, soweit ich mich erinnern kann, nur an einer Stelle? Gefühlt habe ich 20x nachgeschaut, um sicherzugehen...
    Der Stoff sieht auch toll aus - leider findet man so eine Qualität so selten.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke, Sandra! Mir gefällt auch der Stoff so gut. Auf Dein Archer bin ich gespannt! Liebe Grüße, SaSa

  4. This looks really nice on you! it's perfect for you and I think you should definitely make more. I like this sleeve length too. It looks both comfy and chic :)

  5. Ach, diese Shirtform mag ich zur Zeit total gerne. Ich habe noch einige Stoffe hier liegen, aus denen ich mir ähnliches nähen möchte.
    LG Epilele

    1. Ganke, Epilele, für Deinen netten Kommentar!
      Liebe Grüße, SaSa


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