Freitag, 29. Dezember 2017

Lanvin inspired Christmas Dress 2017 "Vom Laufsteg in den Kleiderschrank"

My dear sewing friends,

did you have lovely Christmas days? I enjoyed some really relaxed days with our bigger family and good food.
My Christmas dress was only finished the day of Christmas Eve.
My dress is inspired by these two dresses of Lanvin's Resort Collection 2018. First, I wanted to sew the blue dress with the ruched collar but then I liked symmetrical collar stand of the white dress more.

I used Named Clothing's Helmi dress bodice pattern and the Flora dress skirt pattern. I cut a separate left button band to include the flounce.
After sewing the bodice with sleeves, I realized that the lovely fabric's stretch is lengthwise and had no more motivation to continue this project. After several days, I recut the whole bodice in cross grain and I sewed it for a second time.
I sewed two layers of frills which I made of spirals. The button band frills are of different widths with right sides out and the collar frills of the smaller width with left sides together. I made them rolled hems with the overlocker and rayon thread. In addition, I gathered the ruches to make them more dense.
I prolongated the skirt at the waist by three centimeters and I used this excess for sewing a tunnel at the inside with 1,5cm wide button hole openings. For my dress, I reduced the tie width to two centimeters, sewed the tie ends and added a two centimeter wide underbust elastic in the middle to make the waist elasticated.
I am quite pleased with the finished dress. It is very comfortable and the fabric is swishing.
inspiration: Lanvin Resort 2018
pattern: Helmi dress, Named Clothing (bodice), Flora dress, ByHandLondon (skirt)
size: 8 skirt
fabric: changeable stretch synthetic, René Lézard
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Have a lovely time,

Samstag, 2. Dezember 2017

Christmas Dress-"Vom Laufsteg in den Kleiderschrank 6.2"

Hello, my lovelies,

another day of "from runway to my wardrobe" at wollixundstoffix.
I intend making a similar dress to this one at Lanvin Resort 2018:
Maybe I am not sewing the ruched collar but that with a ruffle at button band and collar stand:
My bodice pattern will be Helmi Dress by named clothing and I will use the Flora Dress skirt pattern.
The ruffle will be made of a spiraled strip, it will not be gathered.

So far my plans. What are you doing? Have a nice weekend!