Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016

Camden Cape, Seamwork,

My dear sewing friends,

Last fall, at the factory outlet of Tandem (Bühl), I had bought enough woolen double fabric to make two capes, one for my daughter and one for myself.

My Cypress Cape was finished at the end of winter and worn until the first warm days, it's so cozy.
When my daughter was at home, she chose the Camden Cape pattern by Seamwork.

I immediately cut the pieces and began to sew. The fabric being double, a cozy feltlike wool blend at the outside and a knit at the inside, I chose omitting the lining and making the same finish as for my own cape. I changed the center inserting a twoway zip with an underlaid band.
Having sewn the last vertical seam, I realised that I had closed the armslits, too!
I had to wait for daylight to unpick the seams and those of the flat-felled-like finish (where I had graded the seam allowances already).
This was made later on but then- warm days were coming, I was unsure how to finish the slits and I had to draw a back facing...
So it stayed as an unfinished object until the end of september when I would visit my daughter.
I finished the armslits with two interfaced fabric strips each which I first closed to the size of the slit, sewed them right sides facing the cape, graded the seams, turned them and topstitched them in place. Same procedure with the neckfacing, which I drew overlapping the cape pieces at the seamlines. I graded the fabric to the topstiches.
My daughter loves her cape and wore it all the evenings.
Pattern: Camden Cape, Seamwork
Fabric: double fabric feltlike/knit
Alterations: twoway zip with underlaid band
                     omitted the lining; added neckfacing and slitfacing

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