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Perth Dress, Carolyn& Cassie Pattern

Hello, my dears!

Have you seen Carolyn‘s first pattern she launched together with her daughter Cassie, the Perth Dress? I already loved the design when last year in april, Carolyn showed her own dress in progress at IG. It features a men‘s wear inspired style with a very interesting front pleat ending at the collar stand.
When discovering the sewing blogger community several years ago, Carolyn‘s blog „Handmade by Carolyn“ was the one which encouraged me to begin sewing my own clothes. For making my first self made garments, I took the same patterns she had made and little by little finished them. Just click at the pictures to see her versions.
Burda 8497

Some years have passed and I am so glad that Carolyn met me at Me-Made-May! She would always encourage me. She had supposed I take part at IG, too, which I did. I love how spontaneously communication is possible there. But for a proper pattern review, blog posts are a better place.
I was very happy to be a sewing tester. I didn‘t have much time because of some other obligations. So I shopped my little stash looking for a lightweight drape-y fabric where I found this lightly loosely woven, drapey, muddy grey blend I had already foreseen for a shirtdress.

My fabric is not as crisp as to provide a men‘s shirt collar but I love the outcome. The collar stand is sitting quite high and the collar‘s shape is especially chic.
I made my dress respecting all the instructions. I chose the size corresponding my bust measurement. Usually, I would grade between three sizes but this pattern is providing enough hip room to just sew up one size! The A4 sheets came nicely together. There is an A0-file to send to your copy-shop, too! Alternatively, you can save money printing only the big pieces at the copy-shop and tracing the overlaying little pieces. I love that the pattern pieces are labeled with the seam allowance which is 1 cm. Very often, I would search for the correct amount of seam allowance finding it somewhere hidden in a little corner.

There are quickie instructions which would probably have been sufficient for me but I sewed after the detailed instructions and I loved the little diagrams. Usually, I wouldn't use the burrito method, but I sewed the yokes following the clear instructions without any problems.
I love the sleeves fit. Usually, I would sew the shoulder point of my sleeve cap 1 cm forward which I didn't do here. I can lift my arms without any problems. The final pattern has got shorter sleeves.

The stunning front pleat is shaped by the clever closure. Only two button holes and a good placed button allows easy dressing and a surprising result. You have to like a buttoned collar stand though.

Pattern: Perth dress, Carolyn+Cassie Pattern
Size: 38
Fabric: loosely woven cotton blend, Tandem Bühl
No alterations.

I received this pattern for free to test it and I am probably biased concerning Carolyn which I admire so much (you have surely seen that she makes her shoes, too?!) but I have described my own opinion. Other pattern testers have made lovely colorful versions, just have a look at IG #perthdress!

I can't wait winter taking leave. Someone should say to him that it's spring time, no need for snow! When one day we already had warmer temperatures, I was able to wear my Perth dress. So comfy but chic!

Want to see makes of other women at RUMS?

Have fun,

Mittwoch, 7. März 2018

Kobe dress and Mito slip dress, Papercut Patterns

Hello, my sewing friends!
Kobe Dress/Top hinzufügen
when Papercut Patterns released their Sakura collection ("cherry blossom") last year, I was so delighted by the lovely style that I wanted to make all of the patterns.
The Kobe dress is a loose straight cut dress featuring an interesting pleat and cut out detail at the back. I sewed it at our annual south German sewing bee at Würzburg last fall. I used a slightly transparent silk crepe of my stash.
Although I would always grade between three sizes, here I cut a straight size XS. I had read that it falls rather large.
I made no changes at all and didn't shorten it. I made French seams and bound the neckline with self fabric bias binding by hand. I didn't make a button hole but sewed the button shut at the back. I made a simple belt, too.
The back is cut out up to the bra back band. Because of my transparent fabric, I was likely obliged to make the slip dress, too. The Mito dress has to be bought additionally.
Mito Cami/Dress
I used a dens dark chocolate brown silk crepe of very good quality. I changed the construction slightly and seamed the bodice lining by hand including the bodice's and skirt's seam allowances.
I made these pictures freezing outside. The slip's silk is clinging at me. Maybe this will be better without tights?
I can't wait wearing this outfit all day at warmer temperatures.
Pattern: Kobe dress, Papercut Patterns
Size XS
Fabric: Ombré silk crepe, Tandem Bühl
No alterations

Pattern: Mito dress, Papercut Patterns
Size XS
Fabric: dense silk crepe, René Lézard
No alterations.

Have a look at the others' memades at Me-Made-Mittwoch and have fun!


Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2018

#jecoudsmagarderobecapsule2017 avec Couture et Clo

Couture&Clo’s garde robe capsule 2017

In 2017, Clo initiated a sew along to make a capsule wardrobe. Each month one would sew a garment of one of the categories thus achieving a capsule wardrobe. 

I realized that I had a garment of most of the categories already on my sewing wish list and made a plan in January 2017:
While I finished one garment of each category, I changed my mind some times choosing another pattern.
I wore this cozy and easy to wear cardigan quite a lot. It fills a gap in my wardrobe.
I used a very soft French Terry by Atelier Brunette and it is such a pleasure wearing it.
Robe-Farrow Dress, Grainline
I dyed the white viskose fabric and was not so sure about the color. Did you see Pantone's color of 2018? After a recent wear I decided shortening it about five centimeters. Maybe that will do the trick. I am in doubt with the dress as is.
I love the Nani Iro double gauze Komorebi "sunshine filtering through foliage" and I love the blouse.
Blouse- Gathered Blouse, „She Wears The Pants“
This is the perfect blouse pattern for floating fabric! I love this blouse, too!
Maillot de danse (au lieu de maillot de bain)- Kimono leotard, Jalie 2673
Why didn't I sew my leotards before? I was never complimented more. All the others would ask where I got this. It fits and it covers my curves decently.
Lingerie- Asaka kimono, Named
Another loved and most worn garment. In summer, I wore it every morning when making breakfast. I used a most lovely Liberty silk and the pattern is really chic and useful.
Pantalon- Tyyni Cigarette Trousers, Named
I am not sure about the trousers. There are quite some wrinkles in the back. I have worn it twice.
Robe d’été (au lieu de shorts)- Adrift Dress, Papercut Patterns
Another garment I am not sure about. Is this a lovely summer dress or just an expensive nightie? When finishing it, the weather turned cold so I don't know right now.
Jupe- Pulmu, Named
although I like the skirt, I didn't dress it. It has a lovely shape and is lined, but after seeing the picture, I feared that it is clinging. I have to give it a try!
Manteau- Sapporo Coat, Papercut Patterns
I wore this coat only once because it is quite thin and it was too cold. I is a great pattern. Some others have made a closure like a zip to make it more warming. To work, I get into the car and out of the car with little time to walk outside so I didn't make any closure. I think it is more chic without.

Robe de noel inspirée par Lanvin (au lieu de combinaison)- Helmi, Named et Flora, ByHandLondon
Finally, my #designindecember. (I won a pattern by SBCC and I will make the peplum Moto Chic jacket. Since I had seen Heather Lou's I had it on my list.) The dress is very lovely to wear and to wash! Just wash it and hang it up, it will be ready without any press! I dressed it not only at Christmas Eve but also at New Year's Eve.

Normally, I would sew what is just coming to my mind. The different categories forced me to begin some garments I wouldn't have sewn otherwise so I am very happy with the result. 

Presenting the makes was a little bit difficult. I would have liked an easy linked in seeing what everyone else had made. Clo even has some great prizes to win, four big packages of sewing patterns. 

Thank you so much, Clo!

Post edit: our German MeMadeMittwoch is only opened monthly, no more weekly. I hope it is ok to link to it now since I had postet it a Wednesday ;) Go have a look at all the others' me mades!