Samstag, 2. Dezember 2017

Christmas Dress-"Vom Laufsteg in den Kleiderschrank 6.2"

Hello, my lovelies,

another day of "from runway to my wardrobe" at wollixundstoffix.
I intend making a similar dress to this one at Lanvin Resort 2018:
Maybe I am not sewing the ruched collar but that with a ruffle at button band and collar stand:
My bodice pattern will be Helmi Dress by named clothing and I will use the Flora Dress skirt pattern.
The ruffle will be made of a spiraled strip, it will not be gathered.

So far my plans. What are you doing? Have a nice weekend!

Sonntag, 26. November 2017

Christmas Dress Sew Along 2017, Weihnachtskleid-Sew-Along 2017

Hello, my dear friends,

long time no see. Today is already the second meeting of the German Christmas dress sew along Weihnachtskleid SewAlong 2017 WKSA. "I am decided and have got the fabric already"

Monika and Yvonet are hosting the great sew along  "Vom Laufsteg in den Kleiderschrank" meaning "from runway into my wardrobe". which motivated me watching some runway shows.

I am inspired by this Lanvin dress:
Lanvin Resort 2018, Vogue Runway
The best bodice pattern would be the Camì Dress by paulinealice but the shoulders don't fit me at all.
The pattern fitting the best would be Robe Bleuet by Deer&Doe, I have bought the updated version, too. But it features princess seams.
I could use the Emery Dress pattern and transform it to a shirt version using the Bleuet elements. Which means quite some work. 
The Flora Dress by ByHandLondon is providing the loveliest to wear skirt and will probably be my choice.
Last year at our great southern German sewing bee Annäherung Süd I was able to buy some lovely stretch synthetic bordeaux fabric which will hopefully give a nice result.
Are you sewing a Christmas dress, too?

We will meet again in 10.12.2017 to show the progress and in 23.12.2017 presenting our dresses. But now have a look at all the other's plans at MeMadeMittwoch Blog!


P.S: my Christmas dresses 2011-2016:

my first self made dress
Schnitt/Pattern: Burda Style 128-082009 "Pariser Chic"Größe/Size: 36-38-40/42
Stoff/Fabric: woolen blend, elastic lining, invizible zip.


Pattern/Schnitt: Burda Style 121-112012 (gibt es als DL)
Size/Größe: 36
Fabric/Stoff: woolen gabardine

Pattern: Dakota Dress, Named Clothing, PDF
Size: 38 bust-38 waist- 40 hip.
Fabric: ponte di roma knit, bought at Garçonne, Freiburg.

Pattern/Schnitt: Robe Viviane von RDC (République du Chiffon)
Size/Größe: 38
Fabric/Stoff: floaty woolen flower print. Silk tafetta.

Pattern, Schnitt: Robe Cardamome, Deer+Doe
Size/Größe:        38 bust-40 waist-42 hip
Fabric/Stoff:      burgundy/black vichy by Deer+Doe

pattern: Vogue Marcy Tilton V8876
fabric: dark blue silk crepe, René Lézard Outlet
size: 10 bust-12 waist and hip
alterations: one size smaller, omitted pockets, added facings to the front yoke sewn like sewing a shirt.

Sonntag, 27. August 2017

Asaka Kimono, Named Clothing, #jecoudsmagarderobecapsule2017 Août

Hello, my sewing friends!
Coucou, mes copines!
Our internet sewing community has brought me several sewing friends in real life. One of them is Mel of 500daysofsewing who is living in a neighbouring community. She pushed me to finally sew the kimono I had cut out since quite some time.
We met last Sunday at her great sewing studio to sew our Asaka kimonos. The pattern of Named Clothing features interesting two piece sleeves with a slit up to the forearm.
Last November, I had seen this gorgeous Liberty silk crêpe at The Fabric Store and had to buy it for my kimono project. It is by far the most expensive fabric purchase I ever made. Worth every penny! 
The print is exactly what I had looked for. The silk has got the most beautiful drape with just the perfect weight. I used a very fine needle (60) and polyester thread. The silk was easy to sew and to press.
I sewed size 38 according to my bust size.
Named Clothing's seam allowances are only 1cm. I cut 2cm seam allowances all along the front sleeve seam, sewed the seam and folded the seam allowance two times according to the slit hem, stitching one continuous edge seam.

I sewed the sleeves in by flat when I was irritated because I couldn't find any notch according to the sleeve front seam. All seams are french seams, using my quilt foot.
I didn't want to fuse any interfacing to my precious silk so I bought some silk organza which I basted with stitch length 5 within the seam allowances to the outer collar pair and the belt pieces. The silk Organza was very difficult to cut because of it's shifting nature.
Similar to the belt loops, I made a little hanger loop which I fixed when sewing on the collar. The belt loops, I sewed on after finishing the kimono to determine the position.
Pattern: Asaka Kimono, Named Clothing
Size: 38
Fabric: 3m Liberty of London Torrington Crepe de Chine - Maria Teresa / Berry 

I am so happy about my kimono. I guess that I will wear it every morning making breakfast!
This is my August lingerie make of #jecoudsmagarderobe capsule. Have a look at Clo's blog to see all the other's makes. Miriam who has sewn a wonderful swimsuit this month is collecting the Germans' contributions

Here you can admire gorgeous Asaka Kimonos made by:
Lizzy Jane, Amanda for a friend, Amanda for herself and Heather Loo.
Have fun,