Mittwoch, 1. August 2018

Robe Myosotis, Deer+Doe. Vergissmeinnicht-Kleid zum MMM

Hello, dear sewing friends,

the monthly German sewing meet-up at Me-Made-Mittwoch is a good occasion to present an unblogged dress.
I didn't know what to think of the dress pattern Myosotis when I first saw it. Too girly, too maternity?
It's name means forget-me-not and it's an oversized shirt dress featuring a small v-neck with a mandarin collar and three buttons. There are two front darts and back darts but the waistline is high and rather wide.
There were quite some lovely versions popping up at instagram #ddmyosotis. In addition, I had purchased some beautiful blush swiss dot linen at our great blogger meet-up last november at Köln which suddenly wanted being a robe Myosotis!
Because I had quite a lot of the fabric, I decided to sew version A with all the ruffles. I chose to slightly downsize the top and made a size 38.
I observed that some makes had some vertical pleats at the shoulder. This is an issue I had at my robe Belladone, too. I compared the shoulder with my block and made a try by lowering the shoulder point by 1,5cm and I guess it was the correct adjustment.

I am surprised how much I like wearing this swishy dress!
After the first wash, the linen crumpled quite regularly because of the Swiss dots so I decided not to iron it. This way, I will wear it even more often.
Pattern: Myosotis version A, Deer and Doe
Size: 38 shirt and 42 skirt
Fabric: Swiss dot linen, Frou Frou
Alterations: lowered shoulder point by 1,5cm and lengthened skirt to size 46

Today, I finished another dress, this time version B.
I made the same finishes I had made for my other version, false flat felled seams (Bernina foot #71) and small hemmed seams (foot #69).

Pattern: Myosotis version B, Deer and Doe
Size: 38 shirt and 42 skirt
Fabric: crumpled linen, Garconne Freiburg
Alterations: lowered shoulder point by 1,5cm

Küstensocke and Die-fesche-Lola are inviting us for this year's sewing blogger meet-up at Hamburg! They are presenting all the other's makes at Me-Made-Mittwoch.

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2018

Ich packe meinen Koffer...

My dear sewing friends,

There has passed a long time without any post. Today, German sewists are meeting at MeMadeMittwoch showing their handmade travel wardrobes.
When going to Verona in Italy in may, I dressed mostly in me mades. Those of you following me at IG @paisleypirouette have seen my pictures already.
Peter and the Wolf pants, Papercut Patterns and Portrait Blouse, Gerties New Book for Better Sewing, is a very good travel combination. The trousers are thin and stretchy and the top is not only a simple t-shirt.
Mc Call m5525, my go to unlined coat is perfect for summer and I love the Liberty Robe Bleuet, Deer and Doe, with long Archer sleeves.
Another Robe Bleuet, so lovely to wear because of the use of Nani Iro double gauze.
Linen Moana dress, Papercut Patterns. This dress is in constant rotation.
Linen Inari dress, Named Clothing. The pattern is so aery and comfortable.
This linen floral Moana maxi dress, Papercut Pattern, was a surprise success. So lovely to wear!

What are you packing for your holidays? Have a look at MeMadeMittwoch!

Wishing you a lovely summer time,

Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

Perth Dress, Carolyn& Cassie Pattern

Hello, my dears!

Have you seen Carolyn‘s first pattern she launched together with her daughter Cassie, the Perth Dress? I already loved the design when last year in april, Carolyn showed her own dress in progress at IG. It features a men‘s wear inspired style with a very interesting front pleat ending at the collar stand.
When discovering the sewing blogger community several years ago, Carolyn‘s blog „Handmade by Carolyn“ was the one which encouraged me to begin sewing my own clothes. For making my first self made garments, I took the same patterns she had made and little by little finished them. Just click at the pictures to see her versions.
Burda 8497

Some years have passed and I am so glad that Carolyn met me at Me-Made-May! She would always encourage me. She had supposed I take part at IG, too, which I did. I love how spontaneously communication is possible there. But for a proper pattern review, blog posts are a better place.
I was very happy to be a sewing tester. I didn‘t have much time because of some other obligations. So I shopped my little stash looking for a lightweight drape-y fabric where I found this lightly loosely woven, drapey, muddy grey blend I had already foreseen for a shirtdress.

My fabric is not as crisp as to provide a men‘s shirt collar but I love the outcome. The collar stand is sitting quite high and the collar‘s shape is especially chic.
I made my dress respecting all the instructions. I chose the size corresponding my bust measurement. Usually, I would grade between three sizes but this pattern is providing enough hip room to just sew up one size! The A4 sheets came nicely together. There is an A0-file to send to your copy-shop, too! Alternatively, you can save money printing only the big pieces at the copy-shop and tracing the overlaying little pieces. I love that the pattern pieces are labeled with the seam allowance which is 1 cm. Very often, I would search for the correct amount of seam allowance finding it somewhere hidden in a little corner.

There are quickie instructions which would probably have been sufficient for me but I sewed after the detailed instructions and I loved the little diagrams. Usually, I wouldn't use the burrito method, but I sewed the yokes following the clear instructions without any problems.
I love the sleeves fit. Usually, I would sew the shoulder point of my sleeve cap 1 cm forward which I didn't do here. I can lift my arms without any problems. The final pattern has got shorter sleeves.

The stunning front pleat is shaped by the clever closure. Only two button holes and a good placed button allows easy dressing and a surprising result. You have to like a buttoned collar stand though.

Pattern: Perth dress, Carolyn+Cassie Pattern
Size: 38
Fabric: loosely woven cotton blend, Tandem Bühl
No alterations.

I received this pattern for free to test it and I am probably biased concerning Carolyn which I admire so much (you have surely seen that she makes her shoes, too?!) but I have described my own opinion. Other pattern testers have made lovely colorful versions, just have a look at IG #perthdress!

I can't wait winter taking leave. Someone should say to him that it's spring time, no need for snow! When one day we already had warmer temperatures, I was able to wear my Perth dress. So comfy but chic!

Want to see makes of other women at RUMS?

Have fun,