Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Grande Arche Bluse, Sewionista Patterns

Hello, dear sewists,

I am very pleased that Julia of Sewionista asked me to test sew her new top pattern
The Grande Arche is a sewing pattern for a top or dress with bust darts, showing a perfect neckline with facings. The garment doesn't have any closures. There are options for short sleeves, long sleeves or stylish bell sleeves. 
I opted for the modern twist of bell sleeves and used a lovely shirting with discreet stripes.
I am so pleased of the excellent fit. I am surprised that the back is looking so good without having any back darts. The sleeve caps fit beautifully in the armholes.
I hope that the little blouse will suit my new trousers to go with my capsule wardrobe #jecoudsmagarderobecapsule2017. Actually however, it is too hot to wear any longsleeved blouses.
Pattern: Grande Arche Blouse, Sewionista Patterns
Size: 36 bust graded to 40 hip
Fabric: offwhite shirting with discreet cream stripes, Tandem Bühl

I received the pattern by Julia but all the thoughts are my own.
Have a look at what other sewists have made for themselves shown at RUMS.


Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2017

Belladone Robe, Deer and Doe, MeMadeMittwoch

Hello, dear sewing friends,

how I love these hot summer days we are having the last days! Time to take all those beloved linen dresses out of the wardrobe.
Today we are meeting at MeMadeMittwoch to show our worn memade garments. 700Sachen is Hosting with a lovely Anna maternity hack.
I love my Belladone Dress made of Italian linen. For some details, I used embroidered some embroidered linen. I think that there is no Belladone Dress in the net I have seen that I wouldn't have liked. This is an excellent pattern.
pattern: Belladone Dress, Deer and Doe
Size: 38 bust- 40 waist and hip, skirt length of biggest size.
Fabric: Italian linen and embroidered linen for contrasting details.

In the afternoon, I will have some time to look at all the others' garments at MMM.
Have a lovely summer day!