Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2015

Alder Dress Cosmic Blue, Me-Made-May Day 25

Hello, sewing fellows,

My first Alder Dress by Grainline Studio I sewed out of the fine cotton lawn Cosmic Blue by Atelier Brunette I had bought together with the lawn for the Bruyère Blouse.

Mein erstes Alder Kleid von Grainline Studio nähte ich aus dem feinen Batist Cosmic Blue von Atelier Brunette, den ich zusammen mit dem Stoff für die Bruyère-Bluse gekauft hatte.

Alder Shirtdress

 Fabric "Cosmic blue"
Source: und

At Munich, I had found the perfect buttons at the cute little shop Kurzwarenrausch.

In München bei Kurzwarenrausch hatte ich die perfekten Knöpfe dazu gefunden. Die Verkäuferin machte sich einen kleinen Vermerk in das Röhrchen, um mir noch welche schicken zu können, falls ich noch mehr Knöpfe bräuchte. Das fand ich sehr nett, kam jedoch glücklicherweise mit den gekauften hin.

I followed Jen's instructions at the sew along using the Archer sleeve pattern.

Es gibt einen Sewalong, bei dem Jen viele Schritte genau erläutert. So habe ich den Archer-Ärmelschnitt genau nach ihrer Anleitung verändert und für das Kleid genommen.

However, I didn't understand how she managed sewing the angles with french seams. Following her instructions, the thing finished with a little hole. Eventually, I cut the seams in another way at my samples, which did the thing, but finally finished the gathered seam with the serger.

Wie sie die Ecke mit französischen Nähten näht, habe ich allerdings nicht verstanden. Beim Einschneiden ergab sich eine kleine offene Stelle. Schließlich hatte ich es mit geändertem Einschneiden am Probestück 'raus, nähte aber das Kleid mit Overlockversäuberung entlang der gerafften Nahtzugabe.

The lawn is very nice to wear, but I have to be careful while pressing it. It gets glossy very quickly. 

Der Batist ist sehr angenehm, allerdings muss man beim Bügeln aufpassen, dass er keine glänzenden Stellen bekommt.

Pattern/Schnitt: Alder Dress von Grainline Studio, Ärmel vom Archer Shirt
Size/Größe: Größe: 6B-8W-10H
Fabric/Stoff: Cosmic Blue von Atelier Brunette
Buttons/Knöpfe von Kurzwarenrausch, München

A lot of international sewists assemble at this flickr-group, the German ones each wednesday at MeMadeMittwoch.

Das Kleid hatte ich Montag an.

Have a nice day,

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

Dakota Dress by Named Clothing, Me-made-May'15 Day 20

Hello, dear sewists,

This dress I made for Christmas 2013.

I bought the PDF pattern which at that time included only two sizes. I got another two sizes for free because I wasn't sure about sizing and wanted to sew a dress for my daughter, too. However, the sizes are not drafted together so you cannot grade between them if necessary.
And, you have to trace the patterns because the pieces are overlapped. I think that recently you get all the sizes with your pattern now, maybe you can grade between sizes, too. In addition, it has got cheaper.

My dress is made out of a ponte di roma knit with only a little bit of give so I sewed it with the sewing machine and finished the seams afterwards with the serger and topstitched the seams.

I shortened the bodice 1cm in front and 1,5cm at the back. In addition, I had to take some fabric out at the shoulder seam and 1,5cm at the front armscye. I closed the center front higher to achieve a neckline wearable without an other top underneath.

Otherwise, I sewed everything like indicated. After some washes, it has shortened rather a bit. With dark tights, I wear it anyway.

Pattern: Dakota Dress, Named Clothing, PDF
Size: 38 bust-38 waist- 40 hip.
Fabric: ponte di roma knit, bought at Garçonne, Freiburg.

Go have a look at  flickr to see the international may-me-makers and here to see Claudia of Bunte Kleider who is presenting the German MeMadeMittwoch group!
Enjoy, SaSa

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

Pleat neck dress Butterick B5382, Me-Made-May'15 Day 17

Dear sewing fellows,

The wonderful pleat neck dresses of The Slapdash Sewist were the inspiration for this dress.

Sadly, I could not find such a great borderprint fabric like her's but chose a plain colour.
Line Art

I chose the size-grading after my measurements but had to take in 2x2cm at the sideseams plus had to deepen the darts. The neckline pleating took some time to get it alright.

Pattern: Butterick B5382
Size: 10- 12 sleeves-14 hip (afterwards taken in 2x2cm and deepend darts at waist level)
Fabric: viscose jersey
Omitted the zip, neck facing instead of lining.

To avoid the muffin-top effect, I am wearing selfmade undies, pattern made after the favorites of a sewing fellow. I made the top out of an elastic lace without sewing an additional elastic at the waist. This way, there isn't anything cutting my upper hips. The little bow I made out of the fabric after Mema's tutorial.

Have you seen Carolyn's new Superwoman's undies?

I am going to poke around the lovely memade garments at flickr!


Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

Checked Coat McCall's M5525, Me-Made-May'15 Days 11, 14, 15 and 16

Dear Sewists,

voilà a little follow up of the missing past days of Me-Made-May'15:

Day 11:

Pattern: Hawthorn, Colette Patterns
Size: 6B-8W-8H
Fabric: Cotton/poly-blend

Day 14:

Downton Abbey inspired RDC Robe Viviane

Day 15: Theme: Something old.

Shirt-Pattern: Butterick B 4985 version A, collar B, white linnen.
This blouse was one of my first memade garments 2012 after having sewn a little bit for my daughters years ago and very sporadically, means one garment in two years, something for me. I sewed it inspired by Carolyn S, whose blog Handmade by Carolyn showed me the most beautiful garments with good explications how to sew them, so I got the courage to begin making my own clothes! Thank you, Carolyn!

Day 16:

When I had seen Carolyn's woolen summer coat, I knew that I wanted to make one like this some day.

I found the perfect fabric at the holland's fabric market taking place twice a year. I wanted a light, unlined coat for warmer, windy days.

Although after my measurements the correct size would have been 12-16, I went after the finished measurements 8-12.
I like the little crazy coat!
Pattern: MacCall's M5525
Size: 8- Bust graded to 12- Hips.

Underneath, I wore a pretty old knitted bolero (drops) out of an alpaca wool over a bought shirt..

Have you all a nice week-end and have a look at the MMMay15 flickr-pool!

Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015

Ultimate Wrap Dress, Sew Over It, Me-Made-May'15 Day13

Dear sewists,


On wednesdays a lot of the German speaking sewists are gathering at weekly MeMadeMittwoch. Today there is a theme: wrap dress!

After having sewn some dresses out of liberty tana lawn, I made me a dress out of liberty cotton jersey Anj B to lounge at home.

The pattern comes in a nice package  and is made out of the usual thin paper. The neckline is drafted with facings and the dress is proposed to be sewn like a woven dress.

I ignored the instructions. First, I finished the right sideseams with a little rolled hem between the notches for the strap-gap. Then I sewed the sholder seams which I had reinforced with a band of fusable interfacing. I then set in the short sleeves by flat and then closed the sleeves and side seams in one step beeing careful not to forget the gap at the right side. The frontseam and hem I finished with my Bernina rolled hem foot nr. 69 with a very narrow ziczac stitch to keep it elastic.

The neckline and ties I sewed in one with the binder attachement of the coverstitch and the chain stitch (The machine and attachement had been a present at the pleasurable opportunity of a sale at my local shop.).

Pattern: Ultimate Wrap Dress, Sew Over It
Size: 10 shoulders and armscye -12 bust, sleevewidth, waist and hips. Hemlength 10 cm longer.
Fabric: Liberty jersey Anj B

I am very pleased with the result. I had not been sure wether the dress wouldn't look like a nightie because of the fabric, but I have worn it at home quite a lot last year.

See you at may-me-makers' at flickr and at Mittwoch-me-makers'! SaSa

Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

Robe Belladone, Deer+ Doe, Me-Made-May'15 Day 12

Hello, dear me-makers,

This pattern is just perfect! A sleeveless dress with simple lines but with a nifty cutout back detail.

Dieser Schnitt ist einfach perfekt!
Belladone dress
The dress came together nicely. Everything is explained in little booklets in English and French, there are diagrams, too. The invisible center zip in the back can be closed easily because of the cutout. The hem has got a sort of facing which I hemmed with the blindstich foot.

Beim Nähen gab es keine Schwierigkeiten. In den Anleitungsheftchen wird alles auf englisch und französisch auch mit Diagrammen erklärt. Der rückwärtige mittige Naht-RV kann leicht selbst geschlossen werden, da er durch den Ausschnitt weit unten endet. Der Saum wird mit einer Art Beleg verstürzt, dadurch liegt alles schön flach. Ich habe ihn dann mit dem Blindstichfuß angenäht.

This dress is my most beloved selfmade dress of 2013.

Das beerenfarbene Tollkirschenkleid ist mein liebstes Selbstgenähtes von 2013.

Schnitt: Belladonne, Deer&Doe 
Größe: 38-40-40, Rocklänge der größten Größe.
Stoff: italienisches Leinen, Kontraststoff passendes besticktes Leinen von Garçonne, Freiburg.

Pattern: Belladonne, Deer&Doe
Size: 38 bust- 40 waist and hip, skirt length of biggest size.
Fabric: Italian linnen and embroidered linnen for contrasting details.

While may, a lot of us are gathering at flickr

Go, have a look! SaSa

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Me-Made-May'15 Days 8 and 10

Hello, dear sewists,

happy Mother's Day!

Day 8 of may I was wearing a dress I had made out of a viscose knit for lounging at home: Dress Garconne K051. I like the collar which is very neat at the inside.

Pattern: Garconne Kleid K051
Size: 36
Fabric: Viscose knit

Day 10 is a sunny Mother's Day.

We had breakfast at a café.

Pattern: Aubépine Dress, Deer+Doe
Size: 38
Fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn Tom Daley

blogged here:

A lot of the me-makers can be found at flickr.

Have a nice day, SaSa

Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

Robe Bleuet, Deer+Doe Me-Made-May'15 Days 7 and 9

Dear sewist fellows,

the Bleuet Robe by Deer and Doe has got a lot of nice features: shirtdress with princess seams, no waistline, A-line skirt, nice collar and a cute little bow at the back. There are puffed short sleeves which balance out the wider skirt nicely.
Bleuet dress

My first Belladone I made out of a cheap yellow linnen. Sadly not my colour which was the reason I hardly wore it.

After seeing the picture taken for Me-Made-May'14, I dyed it with a sky blue dye, but it got only dirtyish.

A second dye with dark blue changed it in a denim-like colour which was fine because the thread kept its yellow colour! It is a lot better now.

My wish was a long-sleeved version when Claudia of Bunte Kleider showed us a nice dress sewn with the Archer's sleeves. So I knew what to do and made me a longsleeved Bleuet out of Liberty Tana Lawn Edenham K.

Everything came together nicely, I scooped the waist higher by 1cm and cut the skirtlength 4cm longer than size 46, sewed together everything to check the fit and then finished the seams together with my serger to topstitch them afterwards. I changed the way to add the sleeve bands. The Liberty-Bleuet I sewed with french seams and finished the hem with my machine's roll hemmer foot.

I like the dresses silhouette. The puffed sleeves have a very narrow band that hinders me to put my arms over the head. The longsleeve however is very comfortable to wear.

Pattern: Robe Bleuet, Deer+Doe
sleeves: Archer, Grainline Studio
Size: 38 Bust- 40 Waist- 42 Hip
Waist raised with 1cm, Length 4cm longer than size 46.
Fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn Edenham K.

We are gathering for Me-Made-May'15 at flickr.

Go and have a visit! SaSa