Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

Alder Dress at MeMadeMittwoch

Hello, dear sewing fellows,

A lot of German speaking sewists are meeting at MeMadeMittwoch (Wednesday),  showing their selfmade garments.

I am wearing my Cosmic Blue Alder Dress. It is a good choice for the lower temperatures in the morning and for the anounced hotter afternoon.

Pattern/Schnitt: Alder Dress and sleeves of the Archer Shirt by Grainline Studio, Size/Größe: 6B-8W-10H Fabric/Stoff: Cosmic Blue, Atelier Brunette Buttons/Knöpfe von Kurzwarenrausch, München.

Have a look at all the other sewists collected at MeMadeMittwoch by Lucy in a colourful summer outfit! SaSa

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015


Hello, sewing fellows,

there are a lot of different beautiful versions of Colette Patterns' Macaron to be admired in the internet.

Vom Macaron Dress von Colette Patterns gibt es unzählige gezeigte Versionen im Netz.

I had bought this elastic lace to make the blouse part and the italian bio linnen to make the bustier and skirt, because I loved the quality of the fabrics.  

Ich hatte mir diese italienische elastische Spitze für die Blusenteile und Bioleinen für das Bustier- und Rockteile in dieser Farbe gekauft, weil mir die Stoffqualität gefiel.
In accordance with my musselin out of an elastic knit, I sewed the lace part in size 0, the dress in 4-6-8. 

Das Blusenteil habe ich nach einem elastischen Probeteil in Größe 0 genäht, das Kleid dann in den Größen 4-6-8.
The neckline and sleeve edges I finished with an elastic similar to lingerie edges.

Die Ausschnittkante und Ärmelsäume habe ich wie beim Dessous-Nähen mit Gummi verstürzt.
I like this dress a lot even when dressing and undressing is a little bit difficult and the colour is not one of my favorites.

Dieses Kleid trage ich gerne! Auch wenn das Hinein- und Herauskommen etwas schwierig ist und die Farbe nicht zu meinen Lieblingsfarben zählt.

Pattern/Schnitt: Macaron, Colette Patterns
Size/Größe: "blouse" 0 (elastic!), bust 4- waist 6- hip 8.
Fabric/Stoff: italian bio linnen und elastic lace, Garçonne, Freiburg.

Every wednesday (Mittwoch), German speaking sewing bloggers are meeting at MeMadeMittwoch. Today Katharina is showing us a wonderful summerdress. Go have a look! 

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

Chantilly Dress, Colette Patterns, MeMadeMittwoch

Hello, dear sewists,

The German speaking sewing bloggers are meeting every wednesday (Mittwoch) at MeMadeMittwoch, today with Karin wearing a lovely dress, just have a look!

Last friday, I was wearing my Chantilly Dress by Colette Patterns, one of the first dresses I have made in 2012. I have made it out of three meters of an Italian cotton voile.

For the bodice, I sewed a size 6 at the shoulders, and 8 at the waist. For a SBA, I shortened the pattern piece D at the top. That worked pretty well.

I like the pattern of the dress a lot. 


The fabric is so comfortable and it is a pleasure to wear it at hot weather.

Size: 6 shoulders, 8 waist
Shortened pattern piece D as SBA
Fabric: Italian cotton voile

Shelley Full Band Bra

I wore me made underwear, too. 

Pattern: Shelley Bra 
Size: 32B
Panties by Elke Renkert, Size 38
Fabric: Kit bought at Hild, Freiburg

Have look at the other wonderful sewists' posts at MeMadeMittwoch!

Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2015

Bird's Eye Bleuet Dress, Deer+Doe

Hello, dear sewists,

For quite some time I wanted to sew a dress out of a nani iro double gauze fabric. I finally decided to buy Bird's Eye blue which has got some metalic splashes in pale blue. Originally, I had intended to sew the Cinema Dress by Liesl+Co, but when the fabric arrived, I feared it would look too much "eco" or "bio" or 70s and changed plans.

Japanischer Stoff Nani Iro Birds Eye metallische Doppel Gaze - jiu
My final choice was the Bleuet Dress by Deer+Doe, my third dress of this pattern. You can see my first two dresses here.

Bleuet dress
When cutting the fabric, I was careful to consider the print and took my time (three hours). The pattern includes 1,5cm seam allowance. I sewed the vertical seams with 1mm less (moved the needle 1 point at right) out of fear the dress would be too snug with this maybe friable fabric. It worked fine, the dress is a little bit looser than the other too.

I didn't want the sleeves being so puffy and used the sleeves of the Zsálya Dress by Kate+Rose Patterns instead. To take the puffiness out, I pleated the pattern to make it more snug.

To give the dress structure I topstitched all the seams with a colour corresponding with the darkest splatter of the busy fabric without topstitching the buttonband. I used the triple stitch stretching the fabric slightly so it would not pucker too much lengthwise. I had to be careful at the curves for the back stitching not to be excentric. Hopefully, the topstitching will slightly pucker the seams at the wash to make it interesting.

I looked for buttons in a similar colour and found some nice mother-of-pearl-ones at Kurzwarenrausch at Munich. I sewed the buttonholes horizontally. The hemline I sewed with my foot for 6mm hems with a sky blue thread.

I like the result. The topstitching payed off.

Pattern: Robe Bleuet, Deer+Doe
Sleeves-pattern: Zsálya Dress, Kate+Rose Patterns
Size: 38 bust- 40 waist- 42 hips
Fabric: 3,70cm Nani Iro Birds Eye Jiu metalic double gauze.

The dress is very comfortable, the fabric is a just a dream.

A lot of German sewing fellows are assembling to show their me made garments every wednesday at Me-Made-Mittwoch. Have a look! SaSa

Montag, 1. Juni 2015


Dear sewists,

I cannot believe that Me-Made-May is already over!
MMMay15 Day 18
Robe Sureau, Deer+Doe, Liberty Tana Lawn Tiny Dancers
MMM5 Day19
Burda wrap blouse 8497 and Colette Beignet skirt

This was my second participation. Last year, I took part at Pinterest but realized at the end that the communication took part mainly at flickr. So I participated at flickr this year and it was such a fun to see everybody's outfits and "hang out together" by commenting.
MMM15 Day 22 Theme: animals
Archer Shirt vers. B, Liberty tana lawn Kusmaul,:
overall little ponies.

MMMay15 Day21
La Sylphide Dress, Papercut Patterns,
Liberty Tana Lawn
MMMay15 Day23
Meissa Blouse, Papercut Patterns
Taking the pictures was the most difficult part. The weather this may was quite bad and cold so that after the half of the month it got a little tough finding a nice outfit in the morning.
MMMay15 Day27
Emery Dress Liberty Tana Lawn.
MMM15 Day 24
Peter and the Wolf Pants, Rebecca Cardigan,
After five hours of a bus trip.
MMMay15 Day26
Papercut Peter and the Wolf Pants, linnen, Petrouchka top, linnen jersey, Rebecca Cardi, Kidsilk Haze, and underwear.
MMM15 Day28
Repeat dress Garçonne K051, viscose jersey
I was some days on travel where it was even more difficult to take the photos.
MMMay15 Day 29
Theme: your town. Picture of my back garden, view out of the kitchen window.
Lady Skater Dress.
MMMay15 Day 30
Flora Dress, BHL, Liberty Tana Lawn Forgetmenots and Myrna cardigan, Andi Satterlund.
Day 31 you will see at my next post.

The number of the flickr group was much lower than last year and I realised only yesterday, that the most of the MMMay pictures had been posted on instagram! Nevertheless I don't mind, because the group at flickr was such a nice, kind and supporting group.

I am very grateful having had the opportunity to participate at such a wonderful worldwide group of  sewists! Thank you, Zoe, for giving us the platform for this assembly!

Maybe see you at Me-Made-May'16?