Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2016

MeMadeMittwoch: Ich packe meinen Koffer

Dear sewing friends,

German MeMadeMittwoch has got it's last meeting before summer holidays, themed "I am packing my suitcase".
We have got to wait another three weeks until our next journey, so I am showing you my last holidays' suitcase of Pentecost.
I love summer days and would pack just one dress per day. 
In my folder I put four little cotton blouses, too, as well as my new linnen Guise Pants which I had sewn at a lovely sewing bee with IsaLaBella, Anni, Mel and Anja.
On the first day, weather was quite chilly and I was a little afraid wether my dresses wouldn't be too cold but everything went fine and we had ten lovely days. 
pattern: Guise Pants, Papercut Patterns
size: S, waist: XS
Glencheck linnen by Tandem, Bühl.

Go have a look at the others' suitcases!

Have a nice summer time everyone!

Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2016

Heißer Sommertag im Chantilly Dress, Colette Patterns

My sewing friends,

it's wednesday again. Our weather is so hot today and I am wearing one of my most beloved summer dresses.
Chantilly is an airy and nice to wear dress pattern, one of Colette Patterns' first ones.
pattern: Chantilly Dress (old blog post), Colette Patterns
Size: 6 shoulders, 8 waist
Shortened pattern piece D as SBA
Fabric: Italian cotton voile
I guess that a lot of the other sewist's at MeMadeMittwoch are wearing lovely summer dresses, too. Go have a look!

Have fun,

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

Victoria Blazer, BHL

Dear sewing friends,

While we had some very sticky and hot days last weak and yesterday, I could easily wear my beloved Belladone without cami underneath, today temperatures have declined.
When cutting out my Moana Dress, I could save some of the expensive linnen by using some remnant liberty lawn for the facings. It was just enough for sewing a little Victoria Blazer.
This cute pattern by ByHandLondon was waiting for years in my pattern stash waiting for the right fabric. I had intended to sew it up in a raspberry colour but hadn't found any adequate fabric.
So it stayed there, disregarded, and was just right for my fabric remnant. The pattern was already cut out in the right size, I could begin cutting out the fabric at once.
Everything went smoothly together. I made variation 2, the cropped jacket.

I didn't line it. Firstly, I wanted a little lightweight jacket for summer time and secondly, I didn't have any corresponding fabric in my stash.
So I made (false) flat felled seams overall: sewed the seam, graded the downside seam allowance, used the lap seam foot (Kapperfuß) to turn the other SA, moving my needle two positions to the left. I then pressed the seam and topstitched 1/4" at the right side with the help of the quilting foot.
I love the result very much. The colour is chiming well with quite a lot of my dresses.
pattern: Victoria Blazer, ByHandLondon
Size: US8/UK12
fabric: italian twocolourd Linnen, remnant of my Moana Dress

Do you want to have a look at German MeMadeMittwoch?

Have a nice sewing time,

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2016

Moana Dress, Ahoy Collection by Papercut Patterns

My dear sewing fellows,

After the Bowline Sweater, this is the second pattern I sewed of the Papercut Pattern's Ahoy Collection.
I had a pastel blue coloured linnen in mind, but at the fabric shop I realized that this is not my colour. So I bought this italian two coloured linnen with some body but with a lovely drape. It has got a sea green colour with a sand coloured backside.
When buying fabric, I immediately would put it in the wash. So I know that all my fabrics are already washed.
Future projects I would store in an IKEA skubb box, together with the pattern. All the little bits like thread, spool, buttons or zips, I would gather in a little box I once bought in the kitchen department of IKEA.
I have got four of these project boxes which suit very well in drawers or shelves. It is a shame that this size of the boxes is no longer available. When I would go to a sewing course or sewing bee, I can grab the box and put it in a stow bag with all the ingredients of my project.
How do you store your different projects?
I made a size XS according to my bust measure. I thought about shortening the bodice because of the long back bodice but decided against it. I wanted to maintain the lower waistline in the front and the nice high low line.
I had a pretty red 24cm metal zip in my stash which I used for the exposed back zip. I had to attach little facing patches to include the zip properly.

I used my small hem foot Bernina #69 (4mm) for the ruffle hem and #66 (6mm) for the skirt hem.

pattern: Moana Dress, Ahoy Collection by Papercut Patterns
fabric: italian twocoloured linnen, Garçonne Freiburg
facings: remnant of Liberty Tana Lawn; zip: Tandem Bühl
size: XS

Alterations: patched facing because of longer zip; seamed the ruffle before attaching at bodice; original length.

I can see that this is not the most flattering style for my figure but i love to wear this dress a lot. Probably I will sew it again when finding a more floating fabric.

About a hundred of German speaking sewists are gathering at MeMadeMittwoch. Have fun!