Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017


Coucou, mes copines!
Hello, dear sewing friends!


Quand j 'ai vu l'action de #jecoudsmagarderobecapsule2017 chez Clo, j'ai realizé que  presque pour chaque catégorie j' avais déjà un patron que je désirais à réaliser. Alors j'ai décidé de participer à l'action.

When I read about Clo's  sew-along #jecoudsmagarderobecapsule I realized that for almost all of the asked categories, I had patterns in my sewing queue. I decided taking part. Hopefully my sewing will become more consistent and plans will get realized.

Chaque mois on va coudre un des pièces de la garderobe capsule. Des changements de plan sont possibles, seulement les catégories sont fixes.
One garment has to be sewn per month. Plans can be changed but we have to sew one garment per category.

Voilà le plan de ma garderobe capsule 2017! J'espère que vous êtes d'accord que j'écris en anglais, parce-que mon francais est assez pauvre!
Have a look at my planned capsule wardrobe 2017:

1. Veste
Driftless Cardigan, Grainline

Driftless Cardigan PDF
It is quite some time that I have got this pattern. I have already finished using a woolen knit to sew a warm and cozy cardigan. Perfect for ou actual cold winter temperatures.

2. Haute- jersey
Talvikki Sweater, Named Clothing
Maybe I need a modern sweater to wear more separates. I will first use a woolen jaquard knit of my stash but I am looking for another lovely fabric.

3. Jupe
Pulmu Skirt, Named Clothing

Without this sew along, I wouldn't have sewn any skirt, but now I will give this skirt pattern a try. It is an interesting modern pattern. Susi had worn it at our south german sewing bee last fall.
4. Pantalon
Tyyni Cigarette Trousers, Named Clothing
Another pattern otherwise maybe would have had to wait. I will give it a try now.

5. Blouse
Gathered blouse, livre "She wears the Pants" by Yuko Takada
I fell in love with this Shirt pattern as soon as I saw Meg's version. I have already begun sewing it, but used skin tone interfacing which is ugly with my white striped, slightly transparent fabric. I will have to cut out all interfaced pieces again and to resew the pockets.

6. Haute- Chaine et trame
The Azaire V.1, Gather
The blue Nani Iro Komorebi-shared dice double gauze with flower print is already waiting for this lovely blouse pattern.

7. Robe
Farrow Dress, Grainline
Farrow Dress PDF
Probably I will use the Kevin grey Liberty tana lawn I recently bought at the Liberty's sale. I am waiting for a great package to come.

8. Manteau
Isla Trench Coat, Named clothing
Another garment I have seen Susi wearing it! I hadn't liked the pattern very much. I had thought the pattern would suit only tall, slim figures. The panels seemed to be too long.  Now when having the opportunity to try her coat on it looked so chic! I have to look for a coating fabric at a fabric outlet.

9. Maillot
Shelley Bra, Pin Up
Pin Up Girls Shelley Underwire Bra Pattern - Arte Crafts Bra Making Supplies
I have got some lovely pink and blue bra kits. It is good that I will be pushed to sew one now!

10. Lingerie
Asaka Kimono, Named Clothing

Have you seen this lovely sewing pattern? When seeing Lizzy's gorgeous version, I knew that I would make one, too. I have made my so far most expensive purchase buying a Liberty crepe de chine. It has been washed and starched already.

11. Shorts:
I wouldn't wear any shorts, so I will sew a summer dress instead.

12. Combinaison: ?

We will post our makes the last day of each month.
Stay tuned,


  1. Großartige Pläne.
    The Azaire <3!! Unter anderem...
    Liebe Grüße!

  2. Danke, liebe Sandra! The Azaire hatte ich eigentlich für mein Weihnachtskleid vorgesehen, den Plan aber wegen des Stoffs geändert.
    Liebe Grüße, SaSa

  3. Uhh das sieht alles echt spannend aus! Wirklich schöne Schnitte.Ich bin schon gespannt!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. I love all your plans! I'm looking forward to seeing all your new creations each month :)

  5. Wonderful plans!! I am looking forward to seeing your new creations each month too! :)

  6. Tolle Pläne hast du. Auf den Trench bin ich gespannt. Und auf dem Talvikki Sweater.
    Wenn du magst, schau doch mal bei mir auf dem Bog vorbei. Ich mache nämlich auch mit und habe auf Anregungen einiger andere aus der deutschen Blogszene das deutsche Pandant übernommen. Und am Ende des Monats verlinken ich uns mit Clotilde...

    1. Danke, Miriam, das ist ja interessant! Ich hatte gar nicht gemeerkt, wieviele Deutsche da mitmachen. Für den Januar ist es jetzt leider zu spät.
      Den Trench habe ich bei der Annäherung Süd anprobiert, er ist wirklich chic, obwohl ich nicht groß bin (und nicht so schmal ;) ). Ein bereits genähter Talvikki ist mir etwas zu lang, ich werde den passenden etwas kürzer nähen.
      Liebe Grüße, SaSa


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